north croatia KIDS

northern adventures from a young age


Is there a better way to spend time than playing and exploring? No, we agree!
Let's find out together what's there hiding in the north of Croatia!

Count Drašković from the castle of Trakošćan lost his favourite sword. The dragon knows where it is, oh but he's so cunning he won't tell. Instead, he came up with a riddle, will you help us solve it and find the sword?

Listen to the birds and the croaking of frogs, find out the legend of the Drava Aquarius, learn who Adam The Oak is. In this centre, you will enjoy learning and exploring natural wonders!

This place gathers amazing animals from all around Croatia - cows, pigs, goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, chickens, turkeys… Croatian animal breeds from all over the country. Isn't that great?

What do trees tell each other, how do bees smell and what is their favourite dance? You will discover this and a lot more in the Wonder Forest. Who knows - maybe it will enchant you too!