The Wonder Forest

Is there a future scientist hiding in you? You are crazy about exploring the world and all the secrets it's hiding? If so, The Wonder Forest will be a place of great fun for you! 

This small forest is led by educators from various professions (naturalists, musicians, scientists, engineers), but in fact, they are all researchers of natural magic, mountaineers, artists, scouts, storytellers, it's hard to list! They decided to return children's play back to nature and they will show you where to look for all the secrets you wish to know. 

But how, you wonder? You will spend time together in the Wonder Forest, and they will reveal many interesting things: what these trees tell each other, how bees smell and what their favourite dance is, can we see plants breathing, why pebbles are responsible for the success of modern technology and much more.

How to find that Wonder Forest, you must be thinking! It is located in Marija Bistrica, and exploration and play are most often organized on weekends. If you want your parents to get involved in discovering the world with you, no problem - Wonder Forest has prepared assignments for everyone!

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