Ivanščica Mountain

Ivanščica Mountain with a height of 1061 meters is the highest mountain in northwestern Croatia. The top of Ivanščica is the highest point of the Hrvatsko zagorje region and at the same time a lookout point whose wide views reach over the entire region. 

Ivanščica is the highest mountain in Hrvatsko zagorje. The northern slope that descends into the valley of the Bednja river has distinct mountain characteristics, steep and branched.

Ivanščica is about 30 km long and up to 9 km wide. It stretches in an east-west direction and is a true example of a chain mountain, with the highest peak of 1060 meters. The first wooden belvedere on the top was built in 1893, and today at its highest point stands an iron pyramid 10 m high. In the pre-Ottoman and Ottoman periods Ivanščica played an important strategic role, which is why many fortifications were built on it and today they stand on the mountain like imposing ruins. The mountain belt above 300 meters is covered mainly with beech forest. In the lower parts are the remains of the original forests of pedunculate oak and hornbeam. Despite the gentle appearance, there are large slopes and even bare rocks in the mountain. Alpine features include the rocky ridge of Legesičina, the rocks below Belige, and the cliffs with the ruins of the Belac castle on top of them.

The highest point of Ivanščica is at 1060 meters above sea level. Next to the mountain lodge "Pasarić house", there are two lookouts at the top of Ivanščica. From the point of view of "Stričevo" there is a view of Ivanec, Varaždin and Međimurje. The pyramid is 10 meters high, built on the highest point and is unique in providing a view due to its central position in Zagorje. It is built of iron on concrete foundations. Around the mountain lodge, open on weekends, there are wooden benches and tables.

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