Ravna Gora Mountain

A visit to Ravna Gora, a small mountain in Hrvatsko zagorje, can be a pleasant walk from the castle of Trakošćan to the top or an unforgettable and exciting adventure through the rocks of the Great Cave. Both variants lead to a modest peak of 680m from which a beautiful panoramic view of the Kalnik Mountain in the east over the mountain Ivanščica, of Medvednica and Strahinjščica, and in nice weather all the way to the Kamnik Alps in Slovenia.

Ravna Gora is the northernmost and one of the most interesting mountains in the Hrvatsko Zagorje region. Its southern slopes are unusually steep for hilly Zagorje, so the relatively low peaks and the adjective “flat” in the name can easily be misleading. However, although small in size and height, Ravna Gora hides several interesting mountaineering destinations: rocks with a wide view, two mountain houses, numerous streams, several caves and a beautiful wooded pool. The most interesting part for hiking is the western part of Ravna Gora, where there are two mountain houses. This part is also the steepest and has a wide view of the Bednja valley, numerous hills and mountains of the Macelj mountains.

Climbing to the top of 680m can be an intense walk or a real mountaineering adventure over sharp rocks called the Great Caves. The peak itself is located in the middle of the forest, at the top is an iron pyramid, from which shoots an unobstructed view in all directions, which is a real reward for all lovers of nature and mountains.

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