Mura and Drava Confluence

Rivers are always characterized by one very unusual feature - they connect and separate at the same time. Their riverbeds were used as a boundary, and their waters as a connection to, often, distant lands. The confluence of the Mura and the Drava perfectly presents this intertwining of river roles.

On the Croatian side, the confluence is located in the municipality of Legrad in the north of Koprivnica-Križevci County. If you want to reach this point by car navigation, the name of the location is the Halasz Csarda picnic area, which is a good indication of who can dips their feet in the water on the opposite side. The Hungarian coast is close enough that you can wave to your neighbors or listen to the Hungarian train whose station is right next to the Drava River- no worries, you will understand it, Hungarian trains speak the same as Croatian.

If you reach the Halasz Csarda picnic area you will actually come to the bank of the Drava, the Mura is not visible from this point. The estuary itself is located a little further north, and between it and your view from the coast are two islets with lush vegetation that quickly restores the view. But this will not diminish the beauty of nature because most of the estuary is protected as a special zoological reserve called Veliki Pažut. Due to its exceptional natural values, the wider area of the Mura Estuary is also called the Croatian Amazon.

The following facts tell us that nature can always surprise: the confluence of the Mura and the Drava is one of the last surviving systems of lowland rivers in Europe because both rivers are regulated upstream and modified by humans. Here in the wild, they, especially the Drava, are constantly creating new habitats and restoring existing ones, which maintains great biodiversity. The area of the confluence of the Mura and Drava rivers is located on the northeast side of Legrad. Interesting fact that we came across along the way: Legrad was in the area of Međimurje before 1710, but the Drava changed its course and "moved" it to Podravina.

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