Although Ivanščica is a top-rated destination for nature lovers, most look towards its peak and ignore what is hidden at the foot. If you do decide to take the time to explore Šumi, the area of streams and waterfalls, you won't regret it. In addition to summer refreshments, you will find a real little gem in the heart of the mountain.

As you get closer, you will hear the stream justifying its name – hidden by trees and bushes, it murmurs enticingly (Šum = murmur). Next to the main waterfall, which is more than two meters high, there is a wooden table with benches where in the summer you can enjoy the shade of the trees and the freshness that comes from the cold water of the stream. If you're feeling adventurous, walk downstream and you'll come across many smaller waterfalls that will encourage you to rest your legs again, this time choosing a seat on one of the stones. 

How to get to Šumi? For the best experience, start on foot from the mountain parking lot in Prigorac towards the Prekrižje trail, but instead of turning onto the trail, continue on the road (following the signpost) which will soon turn into a gravel road. A 40-minute easy walk through the forest will await you, and there are signposts at all important turns so you can't get lost. From Prigorac to Šumi, the road mostly descends, and when you reach the lowest point on the left you'll see a large meadow with a stream.

Šumi, with a capacity of 25 liters per second, is one of the four main springs on Ivanščica, a mountain extremely rich in water. There are also Žgano vino, Bistrica and Beli zdenci and together they form part of the water supply system of Ivanec town.

Regular hikers of Ivanščica already know Her trails will never leave them thirsty, and the Šumi stream and waterfalls, due to their clean and cold water, are an ideal place for refreshment in the summer. If you recognize yourself as a lover of water and find special pleasure in the murmur of rivers, streams and waterfalls, then we would call you an aquaphile—a person that enjoys spending time near water. Admittedly, even those who deny it, become aquaphiles after visiting Šumi!

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